Mastering Visual Content Marketing

When tackling a content marketing campaign. You need to know what will rouse online growth and engagement. Text-based content will always be important. But in this digital era, visual content is integral to the success of content marketing.
Websites that are mobile-optimized should focus on visual content. As the internet has made attention spans shorter than ever. The popularity of content presented in big blocks of text is long gone.
It makes sense to use visual content when over 50 percent of people are visual learners. Content that resonates with physiological aspects. Will to be at least 43 percent more persuasive. To reach your audience on a deeper level. Here are 3 types of visual content to incorporate in your next campaign:

Compelling Images

Its all in your head quote with a picture of a horse tied to a patio chair.
Sometimes Its All In Your Head
Images are the first thing people think of when it comes to visual content. Knowing how to add images to your content marketing campaign isn’t the hard part. It’s choosing the right type of images to get your point across.
Much like relevant keywords are important in text-based content. High quality and relevant images are vital to visual marketing. When deciding on how to choose images for your campaign follow these tips:
  • Aim for original images over stock photos
  • Candid photos over posed
  • Capture a feeling
Stray away from the cheesy stock photos for a couple reasons.
  1. Your viewers can sense that they are fake. And there is the chance that other businesses in your niche have used the same photo.
  2. Original images add a personal touch to your campaign. That will only contribute to its unique qualities.
Depending on the aim of your campaign, candid photos may be a better choice than posed ones. Unlike posed stock photos, candid images are more realistic and therefor, more relatable. Your viewers will find it easier to picture themselves in your ad.
Be selective when it comes to choosing images for you content marketing campaign. A photo has the power to transport. Think about what you want your viewers to feel when they see your campaign. And choose a photo that inspires those feelings.


Videos can become the chief representation of your brand. If you are successful in creating the right one. For a visual marketing campaign. Videos are images brought to life through movement, sound, and music.
As images, videos need to be of the highest caliber. Expect that your video will cause a reaction to the audience, so plan to optimize it.
Whether your video is for a landing page, e-mail campaign, or a blog post. There are several types of videos to choose from. To begin, think about the message you’d like to convey through your video.
There are a variety of videos that can enhance your business:
  • How-to videos
  • Animated explanations
  • Demonstrations
  • Customer testimonials
  • Expert interviews
It’s important to keep in mind that whichever type of video you choose. It should fall in line with the style of your brand.
Considering that most people may view your video on their e-mail or through a mobile app. It should be short and to the point. Give the viewer all the information they need, but be quick and concise about it. If they’re scrolling through e-mails or their social media feed, they don’t want to wait up for too long.


Memes are most known as images that are funny captions. They are new to the visual marketing campaign. But vary popular among internet users across social media platforms.
Memes were a form of entertainment among teens and college students. But have gained traction as an easy, creative, and even quirky way to present visual content. It would benefit you to decide whether memes are appropriate for your niche.
If your brand goes towards a younger audience, memes are one of the best ways to motivate engagement. With this engagement, memes can build a community around your brand. And allow to make inside jokes about your niche.
The measurement of success for a meme is when it goes viral and people begin replicating it. Viewers not only post and share the meme. But they go back to the original source which means major exposure for your brand.
Visual content is a great way to encourage your audience to explore your brand. Aim to create high quality visual content that connects with your audience. Don’t rush to put up any visual content for the sake of a schedule – substance is of the utmost importance.
Articles and posts with visual content gain up to 80 percent or more views than those that don’t have any at all. Don’t add a visual component to your marketing strategy, master the art of imagery. For more tips on how to enhance your internet marketing campaigns. Click here for my done-for-you system.

AUD/CAD Daily Price Chart Win Fibs 101 Trading System

A forex price chart featuring the Fibs 101 Trading System and a winning trade/
Aud/Cad Day Chart Fibs 101 Win

Another nice win with the fibs 101 Trading System. As you can see from far left to right there was a rally I missed. I must have popped a vertical line to check if the support line that had been broken was valid per our Stochastic Mechanical Trading system which checked off. A nice bearish attack followed as expected.

Then there is a nice bollinger band break out with a doji- candle stick which was confirmed by a big bull candle. I didn't take it for two reason. One it happen on a fresh bear run at the end of it and two the bands where very wide apart. A plus was the ribbon was crossed over and it seems would have been a decent trade.

Then with no sign of exhaustion a huge bearish Engulfing pattern formed. I was taught to stay away from big candles like this or at least wait for a 50% retrace. The patterns sent the price down strongly. It  came back up and this is where it got my attention.

It formed a resistance line right at the 61.8 fibs level. I waited until the next day it held again and I entered (2nd purple line) with a tight stop (first purple line). And set the target around the previous big bull attack. The rest is history my friends.

Another powerful example of the fibs 101 trading system. $1500 plus is not bad for roughly a week and a half considering the whole process took around 2o minutes to implement and I found it this Friday never checked it once.

The Fibs 101 Trading System..

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